2023-24 SEASON



Charlotte was my first host for New York performances and I can remember her ageless wonder vividly. Without her and her support for me I would not be where I am.

James Kim, cellist,

2012 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner

Charlotte was a good and powerful force in the musical community of NYC and beyond, particularly in her support of young emerging artists. I remember that even at such a young age when I first met her, I felt I was meeting a very important and generous person...I’m so glad to hear that the Salon will truly is a perfect tribute to her legacy.

Drew Peterson, pianist

2017 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner,

American Pianist Association Winner, Avery Fisher Career Grant

I admire Charlotte so much not only because she was such a wonderful and successful artist, but a wonderful lady who advocated supporting and discovering young music talents like me. Every time I think about her, I always feel so inspired and grateful. She gave me the opportunity as a young pianist to perform at the SONY Club, and provided me the wonderful support of the Barbara Brookes Arthur Diamond Grant last November. These events are critical to me and young people like me. She represents the positive power of all of us, and her great spirit will shine forever.

Wei Luo, pianist

2016 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner, Gilmore Young Artist Award

Salon de Virtuosi is one of the most special and wonderful concert series we’ve been a part of thus far in our careers, and we are truly grateful and humbled to have had this opportunity.

Ania and Piotr Filowchowski, violin duo

2017 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winners

Having the chance to know Ms. White was a blessing and an honor. I am so grateful for the support, care, opportunity and encouragement she gave me. I am amazed by her strength, dedication, and passion and hope to live like she did, with a purpose and passion.

Erika Mitsui, violinist

2012 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner

Charlotte White will always be synonymous with passion and generosity for me and for generations of artists whom she touched. I feel privileged to have visited last spring and was so humbled by her warm welcome back into the family she had created with such humanity.

Jesus Castro-Balbi, cellist

2004 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner

Charlotte for me was the embodiment of generosity and sophistication. She hosted my very first house concert where she had arranged for the venerable pianist Rosalyn Tureck to come hear me play. She was always supportive of me and it meant the world to have someone like Charlotte on my side. She is the reason young artists like me have succeeded. I will always remember her and be forever grateful.

Pitnarry Shin, cellist

1992-1993 Season

My performance on your wonderful series several years ago has continued to give me some terrific performance opportunities. As you know, the Musical Olympus Foundation of St. Petersburg, Russia invited me last year to perform concertos at Carnegie's Zankel Hall for having won your fellowship grant. It was advertised on all the concert posters that I had won your award. Just prior to that concert, I had performed at their festival in Russia

The same foundation has now invited me to perform recitals and concertos at the Zurich Tonhalle, Singapore Esplanade, and in Baku, Azerbaijan. Each performance is being advertised that I was a winner of your

grant right next to my name on the front program. Had I not gotten to perform on your series, none of these performances would have happened. In addition, there was the great concert I got to do on Christopher London's Naumburg series in Central Park shortly after your series.

I just wanted to thank you again for having me and wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me.

Ashu, saxophonist

2008 Salon de Virtuosi Career Grant Winner